5 Steps for Writing Amazing Bass Lines

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to write an amazing bass line (that's way better than all those boring bass lines we hear in the charts all the time) for your chord progression.

Check out this Hack Music Theory video/podcast…

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How to Write Epic EDM Bass Drops in 7 Steps

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to write an epic EDM bass drop in 7 steps!

If you’re an EDM producer, there’s nothing worse than giving your audience an epic build on the snare drum, then following that with a…

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3 Hacks for EDM Bass Lines & Kick Drums

Michael from Germany asked us the following question on YouTube: “As I build more interesting bass lines for my EDM track, I run into the problem that some bass notes run parallel with the kick. Sure I can justRead more

How to Program Realistic MIDI Chord Progressions

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to make your programmed MIDI chord progressions sound like a real live human played them on a real live instrument.

The first thing we need to do is understand what makes something sound…

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4 Hacks for Better Chord Progressions

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to bring your chord progressions to life!

We’re still in D Dorian, and using the white-note hack, we previously wrote this chord progression: Dm → Am → Em → Gmaj. As you can see…

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How to Make a Chord Progression Flow Like a Pro

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to make your chord progressions flow like a pro!

What we’re really talking about here are chord changes. So, let’s have a look at the chord progression we made in the previous lesson, using…

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How to Write Great Songs: Vocal Melody (Song 1)

As with most things in life, writing a great vocal melody is all about balance: Balancing harmonic and non-harmonic notes, balancing small and large melodic intervals, balancing short and long note values, and so on…

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6 Hacks for Better Bass Lines

Jennifer from Vancouver emailed us with this question: “I’m new to producing, and I’m trying to learn more about bass and how it works, cuz the way I’m doing it now is sounding really boring. You know when you

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