Apprenticeship #1 (Mile Zero)

Apprenticeship #1 (Mile Zero)

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  • Ray Harmony's online apprenticeship course will empower you with the knowledge you need to write great songs, and finish them!
  • Learn song-whispering (Ray's ultimate music theory hack, and 100% exclusive to this course), and your music will begin to write itself
  • Contains: 17 hours of video with exclusive hacks, multitrack MIDI file, "Hack Music Theory, Part 1" eBook, "Songwriting & Producing" PDF
  • Level: beginner to advanced, as while the theory is more creative/advanced than our YouTube videos, Ray still hacks everything for you!
  • Rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch unedited footage of Ray writing a whole song ("Mile Zero"), and teaching all the theory he uses
  • Our apprenticeships costs $4,000 in person, but online we can squeeze you all into our little studio at once, hence the low price of $199
  • Topics include: how to write a new section for an existing section, how to transition between sections, how to structure and arrange
  • The learning platform is multi-device friendly, so you can keep these exclusive hacks in your pocket, and do our course on the move
  • Get your hands on Ray's best hacks now, and transform yourself into a super confident and creative music maker overnight, literally!


  1. Introduction, overview, how your music can write itself, etc.
  2. Conceptualizing, starting a song, vocal hook, etc. (Chorus)
  3. Counterpoint vocal harmony, scratch vocals, etc. (Chorus)
  4. Bass line, counterpoint, tension & resolution, etc. (Chorus)
  5. Drum beat, bass line, keyboard harmonies, etc. (Chorus)
  6. Song-whispering, transitioning, new section, etc. (Verse)
  7. Lead & backing vocal melodies, variations, etc. (Verse)
  8. Bass line, drum beat, vocal counterpoint, etc. (Verse)
  9. New section, transitioning, structuring, etc. (Pre-Chorus)
  10. Another new section, ways to modulate, etc. (Post-Chous)
  11. Another new section, polymeter, transitions, etc. (Bridge)
  12. Bass line, non-diatonic notes, vocal melodies, etc. (Bridge)
  13. Structuring, arranging, energy, instruments, finishing, etc.
  14. Lyrics, how to fit lyrics to melodies, recording vocals, etc.
  15. Playthrough of final song “Mile Zero” (mixed & mastered)


"This apprenticeship has been totally life-changing, in understanding how Pros create great music."
–David G (Brighton, UK)

"These detailed videos have taken me through a journey of making smart, precise, and passionate music. The Hack Music Theory YouTube videos are priceless, but the apprenticeship videos helped me take it to the next level, by describing the detailed process of taking a song 'Mile Zero' from start to finish and how to make adjustments as the song develops." –Adam Zero (San Diego, USA)

"This apprenticeship course is an absolute gold mine of depth and substance. Every step of the song unfolding, and every decision taken is explained clearly with nothing left out, making it easy to take the principles taught and use them right away. I'm already breaking out of ruts by applying what they teach, and roadblocks such as creating new sections, or key changes, have simply disappeared! I couldn't be happier with the results, and I'm already looking forward to Apprenticeship #2. Buy this in a heartbeat, it's sheer genius!" –Steve Pullinger (Hastings, UK)

"This course is as in-depth as it gets with regards to writing a song, including drum programming relevant to each section; an added bonus if you ask me. All presented with a sense of fun and excitement, which is constantly engaging and never boring. Just an insane amount of information presented clearly and precisely." –Gareth Jones (Wales, UK)

"Ray and Kate are not only some of the best, most accessible teachers of music theory, they also show you how to use it. Their ‘Mile Zero’ series shares every second of the songwriting process. It’s rare to actually see musicians forming ideas, experimenting in the MIDI window, even thinking out loud. It’s helped me hugely!" –Mat Hill (London, UK)

"Being able to watch 'Mile Zero' unfold in the raw creative process was such a great opportunity for learning. I've been able to apply some of these techniques to writing new music with my band. Not being a producer myself (I'm a bassist), I found the theory easy to apply, and I blew my drummer's mind with all these concepts haha!" –Aoxian (Pittsburgh, USA)