Whatever genre you're into, if you learn Ray's song-whispering method taught in our Apprenticeship video courses, you'll be able to start songs, make new sections for existing sections, transition between sections & finish your songs!


Song-whispering may be the single greatest concept ever! You have no idea how much it has freed me up from self-judgement and self-limitation in music, and in life.” Glynne Owen (Apprentice)

Song-whispering is a learnable thing, officially! I have dreamed for years about having this much control and awareness in my songwriting. –Mark Rose (Apprentice)
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  • Join over 2,000 apprentices from over 70 countries who are all learning Ray's ultimate hack: Song-Whispering (100% exclusive to our apprenticeship)
  • Rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch unedited footage of a master songwriter creating a whole song, while teaching the workflow and all the theory used in every step
  • Both courses include: many hours of video with exclusive hacks, multitrack MIDI file, Hack Music Theory (Part 1) eBook, Songwriting & Producing PDF
  • Level: Apprenticeship #1 is for beginner to intermediate songwriters/producers, while Apprenticeship #2 is for advanced songwriters/producers
  • The learning platform is multi-device friendly, so you can keep these exclusive hacks in your pocket and stream the videos from anywhere you get internet
  • There is no deadline, so you can learn stress-free at your own pace, and your one-time payment buys you permanent access to the course
  • Gain access* to our Apprentice Network, a private social network for apprentices only, with a free app for iOS/Android (for more, see Network below)
  • Get your hands on Ray's secrets now, and transform yourself into a confident & creative music maker overnight, well... if you binge-watch ;)
  • Refunds: As these are online courses that you get instant and permanent access to, there's no way to return them, therefore we can't do refunds

Apprenticeship #1

Topics include:

  • how to use song-whispering
  • how to let your music write itself
  • how to conceptualize a song
  • how to start a song
  • how to use tension and resolution
  • how to to create variations
  • how to write more sections
  • how to transition between sections
  • how to modulate (i.e. change key)
  • how to structure a song
  • how to arrange a song
  • how to orchestrate a song's energy
  • how to fit lyrics to melodies
  • how to finish a song
  • plus a lot more!

Apprenticeship #2

Topics include:

  • the “Holy Trinity” of music
  • game-changing polymeter hack
  • one hack for any and all modulations
  • how to ask your song what it wants
  • how to write modal counterpoint
  • how to be in two modes at the same time
  • how to use octatonic scales
  • how to write in odd time signatures
  • how and where to write a bridge
  • how to use the 12 tone method
  • how to write four-part harmony
  • how to create the evolution of a melody
  • how to use irrational time signatures
  • how to structure & arrange for retention
  • plus a lot more!


Gain access* to our exclusive Apprentice Network, a space to:

  • Connect with your fellow apprentices
  • Ask your classmates theory questions
  • Share your new music with each other
  • Get feedback from around the world
  • Collaborate with like-minded people


"I really enjoy the interactions in the Network. Apprentices share their works-in-progress often, and have the right attitude: they're open-minded, positive, helpful, and some are very funny too. It's like a family but without the drama!" –François Lalonde (Montréal, Canada)


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