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A message from Ray Harmony (multi award-winning college lecturer, teaching since 1995):


"I know you want to be a confident producer who finishes songs, and loves the results.

In order to become a confident producer, though, you need decades of knowledge and experience. To gain that knowledge, you need a good teacher. To gain that experience, you need decades of practice. That's overwhelming!

I understand that searching for a good teacher is frustrating. Most courses are taught by YouTubers who are not qualified in music, and are not qualified teachers either. And the few who are qualified in both, have no industry experience.

I feel your pain. Truly. Most of my music teachers were bad. That’s why I studied music and education in order to become a college lecturer, and why I later created Hack Music Theory.

Also, over my 30+ years of composing, I developed a unique method called Song-Whispering, which I’ve used to make music with multiplatinum Grammy-winning artists. In this one-of-a-kind online apprenticeship, you’ll learn my method and turbocharge your music with my decades of knowledge and experience.

Enroll below, and stop wasting years of your life learning from bad teachers and trying to get better through trial-and-error. Transform into the confident producer you would be in 10+ years now, and start loving your music!"

Any Genre

You don't need to play an instrument to do this course, and the knowledge you'll gain can be used in any genre.

Ray Harmony producing at Metropolis Studios in London, England

Ray Harmony producing at Metropolis Studios in London, England


"Song-Whispering may be the single greatest concept ever!"
–Glynne Owen (Japan)


"The price is very low if you take into account the quantity of hacks."
–Antoine Schaeffer (France)


"I followed their YouTube for a while before taking their course. I wish I'd taken it sooner!"
–Sagar Saluja (India)


"Roadblocks such as creating new sections or changing keys have simply disappeared!"
–Steve Pullinger (UK)


"I wrote the first song in my life that I actually like!"
–Anastasia Lucas (USA)

Secret Method

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Ray's online apprenticeship includes his Songwriting & Producing Course, a crash course designed for complete beginners. In 12 simple step-by-step videos you'll learn his essential hacks for writing melodies, chords, bass & drums!

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