When you make music, is the process slow & frustrating? And after hours of struggling, you end up stuck?

Well... making music should be fast, easy & fun! Wanna learn our secret method? Enroll in Apprenticeship #1.

Apprenticeship #1 → Save $50

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$149.00 Save 33.56%!
  • Learn Ray's song-whispering method, which we don't teach on YouTube. Literally every step of the writing process is taught in these 12 videos.
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Apprenticeship #2 → Save $50

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  • 25 epic videos. This is the daddy of all songwriting and producing courses! Apprenticeship #1 is a prerequisite, unless you're an accomplished composer.
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Protégé Bundle → Save $130

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$398.00 Save 32.66%!
  • Apprenticeship #1 and #2, worth $398. Learn ALL our songwriting and producing secrets. This is for seriously dedicated music makers only!
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Never made music before? No problem! Complete beginners are welcome in our online apprenticeship. We recommend first doing our Songwriting & Producing Course though, as that way you'll get the most out of this :)


Songwriting & Producing (Course)
  • Songwriting & Producing (Course)

Songwriting & Producing (Course)

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Our crash course! In 12 step-by-step videos (56 minutes in total), you'll learn our essential hacks for making melodies, chords, bass, drums & more! You'll also learn how to get all your layers working together. You don't need to play an instrument, you only need a digital audio workstation. Includes Songwriting & Producing PDF.

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"Song-whispering may be the single greatest concept ever!"
–Glynne Owen (Japan)


"The price is very low if you take into account the quantity of hacks."
–Antoine Schaeffer (France)


"I followed their YouTube for a while before taking their courses. I wish I'd taken them sooner!"
–Sagar Saluja (India)


"Roadblocks such as creating new sections or changing keys have simply disappeared!"
–Steve Pullinger (UK)


"I wrote the first song in my life that I actually like!"
–Anastasia Lucas (USA)


  • Join over 3,000 apprentices from over 80 countries who are all learning Ray's ultimate hack: Song-Whispering (100% exclusive to our apprenticeship)
  • Rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to watch unedited footage of a master songwriter creating a whole song, while teaching the workflow and all the theory used in every step
  • Both courses include: many hours of video with exclusive hacks, multitrack MIDI file, Hack Music Theory (Part 1) eBook, Songwriting & Producing PDF
  • Level: Apprenticeship #1 is for beginner to intermediate songwriters/producers, while Apprenticeship #2 is for advanced songwriters/producers
  • The learning platform is multi-device friendly, so you can keep these exclusive hacks in your pocket and stream the videos from anywhere you get internet
  • There is no deadline, so you can learn stress-free at your own pace, and your one-time payment buys you permanent access to the course
  • Gain access to our Apprentice Network, a private social network for apprentices only, with a free app for iOS/Android (for more, see Network below)*
  • Get your hands on Ray's secrets now, and transform yourself into a confident & creative music maker overnight, well... if you binge-watch ;)
  • Returns & Refunds: As these are online courses that you get instant and permanent access to, there's no way to return them, therefore we don't offer refunds

Apprenticeship #1

Topics include:

  • how to use song-whispering
  • how to let your music write itself
  • how to conceptualize a song
  • how to start a song
  • how to use tension and resolution
  • how to to create variations
  • how to write more sections
  • how to transition between sections
  • how to modulate (i.e. change key)
  • how to structure a song
  • how to arrange a song
  • how to orchestrate a song's energy
  • how to fit lyrics to melodies
  • how to finish a song
  • plus a lot more!

Apprenticeship #2

Topics include:

  • the “Holy Trinity” of music
  • game-changing polymeter hack
  • one hack for any and all modulations
  • how to ask your song what it wants
  • how to write modal counterpoint
  • how to be in two modes at the same time
  • how to use octatonic scales
  • how to write in odd time signatures
  • how and where to write a bridge
  • how to use the 12 tone method
  • how to write four-part harmony
  • how to create the evolution of a melody
  • how to use irrational time signatures
  • how to structure & arrange for retention
  • plus a lot more!