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Customer Service
If you have an issue regarding a purchase (expired download link, etc.), please email us at the address below with your order number in the subject line, and we'll get back to you ASAP. However, as there are only two of us and we've dedicated our life to making Hack Music Theory things for you, we only process emails once a week. Thank you sincerely for your patience, we truly appreciate it, and we truly appreciate you!

YouTube Comments
We publish a new video every Friday at 1:30pm (Pacific Time), then we hang out on YouTube for an hour, replying to as many comments on that new video as possible. We'd love to meet you, so come say hello on our next video!

General / Questions
We try to read every email, and we're deeply grateful for your interest in Hack Music Theory. As we get hundreds of general messages and theory questions though, we're unfortunately unable to reply to these emails. However, if you're in our apprenticeship, please post your theory questions in the Network for your fellow apprentices to answer.

Artist Suggestions
If there's an artist or song you'd like us to hack the music theory behind, we'd love to hear from you! Simply comment on our latest YouTube video and let us know.

Private Lessons
We receive a lot of requests for private lessons (via Skype, in person, etc.), and that means the world to us, thank you! Sadly, we just don't have any time to teach privately. We're so sorry :(

Music Commissions
We're thrilled that you like our music, thank you! We're currently not taking on any new work, but if you have an unbelievably tasty project, drop us an email with the subject "Unbelievably Tasty Project". You never know!

Brand Deals
Thank you for thinking of us, but we don't advertise on our YouTube channel. Also, we are 100% independent and we're staying that way, so thanks again, but we're not interested in investments, joining influencer networks, etc.

Social Media
We deleted all our personal and professional social media accounts years ago, so we are not on any social media. If you're wondering why, here's a song we wrote about it. And yes, deleting social media is truly life changing! Try it :)


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