Songwriting mini-course (chord progression, bass melody, drums, etc.)

It's taken us five months of non-stop work (literally!) to build a YouTube community of 500 people. But then, something unbelievable happened this week...

After uploading our video Jacob Collier, Negative Harmony & How to Write a Negative Melody last Thursday (which has now reached an astonishing 14,000 views), we’ve had the great pleasure and honour of welcoming 1,000 new subscribers to our Hack Music Theory community on YouTube. Wow!!!

To celebrate, and to thank each and every single one of you for your interest in our unorthodox approach to music theory, we've worked around the clock the last few days to make you a free songwriting mini-course (36-minute video on YouTube). It covers how to write and arrange a chord progression, bass melody, drums, and much more (including our magic 16/8 hack).  But first... tea!

We hope you enjoy the video/podcast, and please share it with your musician friends, as we're trying to start a music theory revolution! Also, if you wanna get your hands on all the vital theory hacks you need to write great songs, then please download my Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF.

Lastly, thanks big time to our patrons over on Patreon for supporting our work. And if you wanna join our Hack Music Theory revolution and get exclusive content too (including the multi-track MIDI file from the example in our mini-course), then please sign up at

Thank you for being brave and committing to make the world a better place through better music. Until next week, happy songwriting & producing!

Ray Harmony - Victoria BC, Canada
Musician | Songwriter | Producer | Teacher