Dial A Bass Line (Give Writer's Block the Finger)

Last week we launched our new YouTube series Give Writer's Block the Finger, and since then we’ve been receiving the most heartwarming messages from people all over the world who’ve had Writer’s Block for months, even years, and after watching our video are now making music again! There are literally no words to describe how happy and humbled we are to hear this.

Today on the Hack Music Theory show, we're continuing our promise to you of curing Writer's Block once and for all, with a new hack that reveals how you can turn people/places/etc. into modes, and then into bass lines (or any other melodies). So, don't ever waste another minute staring at a blank screen again, just click Play and learn how to Dial A Bass Line.

We really hope you dig our new lesson, and if you wanna get your hands on all the vital theory hacks you need to write great songs, then please download our Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF.

Thank you for being brave and committing to make the world a better place through better music. Until next week, happy songwriting & producing!

Ray Harmony - Victoria BC, Canada
Musician | Songwriter | Producer | Teacher