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Writing a Chord Progression for a Melody

Learn how to write chords for a bass line in this unedited video that reveals the process of making music.

Hello revolutionary music makers, we are Kate Harmony and Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to Hack…

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Want Exotic Melodies? Use These Notes... 

Most popular music is made using the two most common western scales: the major, and the natural minor. So the best way to make your melodies stand out is to use a non-western scale (like the one we’ll reveal in…

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Use This Chord to Transform Your Progressions 

It’s easy to play a few chords that sound nice together. But those chord progressions are really bland, cos there’s no spice in them. So in this video, you’ll learn how to transform your progressions with one super spicy chord

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Change This Note to Make Your Melodies Stand Out 

There’s 20,000 tracks being uploaded to Spotify every day, so it’s essential that your melodies stand out in this never-ending stream of new tunes. So in this video, you’ll learn how changing one note can grab the listener’s…

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Why People Don't Sing Your Chord Progressions

In this Hack Music Theory video, you’ll learn why people aren't singing along to your chord progressions, and we’ll give you two hacks to solve this problem once and for all. But first... Tea!

Hello, we are…

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The #1 Way to Hook People

Learn the No.1 way to hook people with your intros, so your songs don’t end up in the one-quarter of all songs played on Spotify that are skipped within their first five seconds. But first... Tea!


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