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Why MIDI Packs Suck


Why MIDI Packs Suck! 


You’ve probably seen those ads for MIDI packs, right? You know the ones, where they’re trying to sell you premade chord progressions and melodies. Well, you’re about to learn why you should never ever use a…

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Genre Explained - The Truth About Genres 

There’s a ton of genres, subgenres and even subsubgenres, but in this lesson you’ll learn the truth about why none of them are real, even though they are.

Hello revolutionary music makers, we are Kate Harmony and Ray Harmony…

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5 Time Signatures in 1

Over the last few weeks, we've been making music from scratch (while on camera), and sharing the unedited footage on YouTube. We did this to expose the best kept secret in music... when you understand theory, making music…

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5 Hacks to Make Better Music in 2019 

Happy New Year, and may this be your best year yet! On that note, did you make a New Year’s resolution to start making music, or make more music, or make better music? Well unfortunately, studies suggest that only…

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Down with the Drama

Over the last few months, you've been learning the music theory hacks we used to write our new single "Down with the Drama". Well, we're super stoked to finally reveal the finished song. Enjoy!

Hello, we are…

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