I got my Vega in
I got my FiveFingers on
One life, one run
Heart pumps in harmony
Problems are far from me
Polyrhythmic feet symphony
5K a day, every day, for one year
Rewired my mind
Now I live by
The 12 life lessons I learned
from a 12 month run streak
Here we go...
Listen to your warrior
Not your wussy
Every day is Day 1
People who discourage you
Just need a hug
You can run away
From depression
Every day is Day 1
Help is what separates
The great from the good

Two wrongs make a fight
Two runs make a right

Music is vibration
Vibration is movement
Movement is running
So, running is music
We are the music
Live in your song
Where you belong
Revolution, run on it
The white mob, run from it
Never out of breath
But always out of step
Your panic, run through it
Your purpose, run to it
Run and run
Be more dog
Woof woof
Less is best, simple
Every day is Day 1
Inspiration is contagious
Do not procrastinate
20K in the 20C
Gives me clarity
Every day is Day 1
Commitment is difficult
To make, but easy to keep