Hack Counterpoint & Write Unique Vocal Harmonies

Today on the Hack Music Theory show, we're super excited to reveal the conclusion video for our "Lines Through Lands" example song, which we've been teaching in our 3-Minute Theory series.

In this video, you'll learn how to Hack Counterpoint & Write Unique Harmonies (6-minute YouTube video), which is arguably the No.1 game-changer for all songwriters and producers, cos pretty much nobody uses counterpoint outside of classical music these days!

We really hope you dig our new lesson, and if you wanna learn more about counterpoint as well as get your hands on all the vital theory hacks you need to write great songs, then please download our Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF

Thank you for being brave and committing to make the world a better place through better music. Until next week, happy songwriting & producing! 

Ray Harmony - Victoria BC, Canada 
Songwriter | Producer | Teacher | Author
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