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How to Write Christmas Songs (Day 2: Lyric Hook)

Are you ready for some crazy Christmas fun? Good, cos December is gonna be a wild ride here at the Revolution Harmony studio, as we'll be doing daily Hack Music Theory videos. Yeah!!! 

So, here's our Christmas challenge…

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Hack Counterpoint & Write Unique Vocal Harmonies

Today on the Hack Music Theory show, we're super excited to reveal the conclusion video for our "Lines Through Lands" example song, which we've been teaching in our 3-Minute Theory series.

In this video, you'll learn how to…

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6 Hacks for Better Vocals (Lyrics & Melodies)

Be sure to hold on to your seat for today's Hack Music Theory show, cos it's an intense ride! In four wild minutes you'll learn our six hacks for better vocals, which Kate then beautifully demonstrates in our song…

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