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How to Program Realistic MIDI Chord Progressions

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to make your programmed MIDI chord progressions sound like a real live human played them on a real live instrument.

The first thing we need to do is understand what makes something sound…

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4 Hacks for Better Chord Progressions

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to bring your chord progressions to life!

We’re still in D Dorian, and using the white-note hack, we previously wrote this chord progression: Dm → Am → Em → Gmaj. As you can see…

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How to Make a Chord Progression Flow Like a Pro

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to make your chord progressions flow like a pro!

What we’re really talking about here are chord changes. So, let’s have a look at the chord progression we made in the previous lesson, using…

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How to Write Great Songs: Vocal Melody (Song 1)

As with most things in life, writing a great vocal melody is all about balance: Balancing harmonic and non-harmonic notes, balancing small and large melodic intervals, balancing short and long note values, and so on…

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How to Start a Chord Progression

Today on 3-Minute Theory: How to start writing a chord progression.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a happy vibe (AKA major), or a sad vibe (AKA minor). You’ve got three options on… Read more

Why You Need to Spell Music with Numbers

Damian from Birmingham, England emailed us with this question: “I’ve watched all your videos and learnt so much already, thank you. I kinda get the idea of numbering notes, but I’m not sure how the numbers with flats work.Read more